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Quick End of Summer Home Care Tips

Hi Friends!

We hope that you were able to enjoy the summer! We wanted to send a quick note with some end of the summer home care tips as summer starts to dwindle down to an end.  Take a dip in the pool, then tackle these DIY tasks to get ready for the fall.

  1. Brighten your windows – as the days start to get shorter, maximize your home’s natural light by giving your windows a thorough washing inside and out. While the weather is still warm, now is the perfect time to do the exterior. Survey your screens and repair as necessary so that you’re ready for the cool air in the fall and can open your windows without pesky bus getting in. Fuller Brush Full Crystal works great and cleans the screens too!


  1. Clean your outdoor furniture and grill. You used them all summer long and they probably need some TLC before they are packed away for the winter.


  1. Clean the dryer vent. One of the most overlooked maintenance chores is cleaning the Dryer vent and vent hose. Even if you clean the vent every time you put clothes in the dryer the vent hose still gets clogged and can cause a fire so replacing it every so often is a good idea.


  1. Power Wash. A good power wash to the exterior of your home is like going through the car wash for your property. Simply hosing your siding or wood down doesn’t have the same effect as a power wash. A power wash can remove months of old dirt, grime, and debris. Even if you don’t own a power wash you can easily rent one at your closest home improvement store. Full Crystal would work good on this too.


  1. HVAC Maintenance. By the end of July, you are probably giving your HVAC a full workout. Using your central air is a great convenience, but it takes a toll on your HVAC. If you haven’t already, now is the time to perform a season check up on your HVAC unit. It may feel like summer is ending, but you will still use your ac for at least another few weeks.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, these tips will certainly add value to your home’s price. Please give me a call for other tips and tricks to get it market ready. I would also be available to give you a complimentary market analysis for what your home could be sold for. I’ve been in the real estate business for over 40 years now as you may know, and my 20th anniversary of my office being open is coming up this January! Let me help you make all the right moves whether you are buying, selling or both! Charlie and I welcome your business and want to get you the highest and best price possible.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!