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Kubis Realty Joins Forces With Professional Short Sales Negotiating Company

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.03.16 PMExciting News We have joined with a professional short sales negotiating company. FINALLY, someone who can help with these time consuming and totally frustrating deals and the banks who won’t listen.

They are called New Jersey Short Sales Processors, and as the name says, that is exactly what they do, Process Short Sales.

Here is some information on them: We are ‘NEW JERSEY SHORT SALE PROCESSORS’. Contact us today if you owe more on your property that what it is worth. A short sale could be the answer your’ve been looking for. Some lenders, deserving or not, get a reputation for being difficult to work with. When you work with experienced short sale experts like us, we know who these lenders are and can advise you of the difficulties you may encounter. A Short Sale allows you to walk away from the property regardless of what is owned to the lender, all without foreclosure. A Short Sale can even satisfy additional liens on your property (judgments, personal loans, tax liens, 2nd mortgages) CONTACT US TODAY. You may be able to walk away from your property without a foreclosure, save your credit and in some cases receive up to $10,000.00 for relocation expenses. Our service is always free to our clients, (there are not upfront or hidden fee’s) which other companies charge. We will never charge you anything. You have nothing to lose except worry and those sleepless nights.

jersey.Short.Sale.ProcessorsWe are really thrilled to have this Company. They certainly take the burden off of us. It is also great to know that they do not want any upfront fees. I really can’t see going to a client, already in dire straights and asking them for money to Short Sale their own home, or the realtor who has been struggling with the depressed market. Who has the money anyway?

I hope all is well and if you know of someone who needs help, please have them give me a call and I will make sure that they are well taken care of.